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Clyd design focus is on creating creative and functional architecture designs that bring the client’s vision to life

Our team of talented design professionals have developed a rich depth of insight and experience and can traverse all architecture design styles from Modern and Postmodern through to European Classic.

By blending architecture principles with design threads that continue to persist through history, we can create spaces that are imbued with a sense of timelessness and a balance between aesthetics and function.

While our firm primarily focuses on bespoke residential architecture, we engage in commercial projects where design is a priority. We bring an intimate understanding of the town planning and construction process, ensuring we work closely with local councils and regulators to enable design ideas to follow through to completion.

Our passion for quality craftsmanship means we collaborate with builders, trades, and craftsmen to deliver designs that challenge building conventions and exceed client expectations. 

Our additional services can be tailored to include interior design, delivered through turnkey or design-only solutions.


Nestled within the city of Sharjah, this two floor villa combines architecture design, landscaping and interior design to create a harmonised space in the Modern style. This 1,500 square meter villa features a swimming pool in the heart of the complex, with views from most sitting areas to blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces. Using a combination of modern artificial stone cladding and traditional stone tiles we created a modern look that pays homage to the heritage of the area.

Traditional architecture design Moroccan style villa and landscape, 1 floor villa in Dubai, uae. The partiality of our client with the Moroccan architecture, was a great motivation for us. We have designed the building with the main futures of the Moroccan architecture design style, with central open atrium with water fountain, with a great specialist team from morocco we expect an iconic project.


Dubai, UAE

This innovate outdoor cinema uses shipping containers to create a truly unique and vibrant atmosphere. Located in Dubai it features two floors of stunning, creative design, complemented by an outdoor café for a magical cinema experience.



Traditional architecture design European style villa and landscape, 2 floor villa in RAS AL KHAIMAH , uae.